Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Training

Having been introduced to the benefits of ISTDP by a psychiatrist that I work with, I have now embarked upon an intensive 3 year training program in Halifax with Dr. Joel Town (red sweater) and Dr. Allan Abbass (front left).  Without any doubt, this is the most thorough and meaningful training of my career and although very challenging in many ways, I know it will help me to become better at what I do.

ISTDP involves addressing core feelings that have often been pushed away by a host of automatic defensive methods either consciously or unconsciously to lower anxiety.  Helping people identify, experience and express these emotions and re-learn to use them as a guide for more adaptive living can yield enormous benefits.

Training involves doing it yourself which is challenging but fulfilling. In this model, therapist and client work as a team by having meaningful discussions and addressing anxiety and therapeutic relationship issues that may arise in session- to practice key skills for everyday living.