Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment

Been trying to manage on your own for a while but struggling? People around you expressing concern?  Are things starting to feel overwhelming and it feels like no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to juggle everything anymore?  Regularly taking alcohol and other drugs to feel better or deal with stress can eventually affect our ability to make good decisions due to changes in brain chemistry.  Becoming overly reliant on these substances, can pull us into having a harmful relationship with them to numb, get aroused, escape pain. So what initially starts off as a perceived solution eventually becomes less and less of one over time. Too often, despite knowing it, people are riddled with shame and embarrassment so they don’t ask for help. This is normal-nobody wants to admit that they are unable to solve a problem on their own.  Addressing more severe addiction or substance use disorders starts with a period of detoxification-sometimes this even needs to be medically supervised such as for alcohol and opiates due to the strong physiological dependency that can occur which brings on significant and potentially harmful withdrawal symptoms.  Other substances, such as cannabis (pot/weed) and cocaine are believed to cause more of a psychological dependence although chronic users often experience important withdrawal symptoms such as severe anxiety.  After an initial period of abstinence, people then need to learn how to cope without their substance of choice-no more false optimum. It takes perseverance and hard work to address what drove excessive use of a substance(s).  For most, the past tries to pull them back into old patterns. Becoming overly self-reliant after feeling a bit better is normal.  To achieve longer term abstinence, so called “lone wolves” must learn to be vulnerable in front of others and, God forbid, even become more comfortable relying on the help and strength of others. Especially in the early days of recovery.  But with ongoing sobriety and hard work, come great rewards. Renewed self-esteem, friendships, clearing up conflicts and legal troubles, even getting your family back. Not to mention your sense of integrity. All very much worth it in the end. When working with people with these challenges, I start by conducting a thorough individualized assessment during the first session and then subsequently make treatment recommendations about possible options based on the level of need and personal preferences. I can say without hesitation that after 25+ years in the field, I have learned about what works, and what doesn’t.  Therapy is hard work, there is no doubt about it and it requires a willingness to do whatever it takes versus being complacent, making excuses and blaming others.  As a consultant to you for your mental health, my job is to make recommendations after gaining a solid understanding of your circumstances but what you decide to do is of course always ultimately up to you. It is not my job to judge but to make recommendations based on my training and experience.  So If you are wanting a new healthier and happier life and are ready to come to your own assistance- call or text me at Three43-333-2811.